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Wild Rice is actually a aquatic grass seed. Not a rice grain.
Coarse annual grass (Zizania aquatica, or Z. palustris) of the family Poaceae whose grain, now often considered a delicacy, has long been an important food of American Indians. Despite its name, the plant is not related to rice. Wild rice grows naturally in shallow water in marshes and along the shores of streams and lakes in north-central North America. Cultivated varieties are now grown in Minnesota and California. The plant, about 3 – 10 ft (1 – 3 m) tall, is topped with a large, open, flower cluster. The ripened grains, dark brown to purplish-black, are slender rods 0.4 – 0.8 in. (1 – 2 cm) long.For more information on wild rice, visit Britannica.com.
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Traditional Wild Rice
. No Chemicals. Native Hand Harvested. Parched Within 36 Hours of Harvest. Cooking Time = 25-30 Minutes. Natural GrainNutritionally Superior
Commercial Wild Rice. Pesticides & Fertilizers Applied.  Machine Harvested.  Parched Over a Week After Harvest.  Cooking Time = 1 Hour or More. Genetically Modified
Do You Know The Difference Between 
Natural Wild Rice 
Cultivated Commercial Wild Rice?
Approximate 4 oz. serving
Northern lakes Wild Rice® natural stand wild rice has a distinctive flavor that sets it aside from commercially farmed cultivated wild rice. Northern lakes Wild Rice® is easy to prepare and is very versatile to use in many food dishes. Northern lakes Wild Rice® natural stand wild rice is naturally nutritious, high in essential vitamins, minerals, and low in fat.  Wild Rice has been a staple in the diet of Ojibwe (anishinabe) people for centuries.                  
What About Nutrition?
Today most consumers purchasing grocery store wild rice believe that wild rice is hard, and has black perfect shaped kernels that take a long time to cook usually an hour or more. When cooked this type of rice has an overall rather bland taste to it. This is generally true of mass-produced commercially grown rice. 
True natural stand wild rice can vary widely in color from light green or brown to dark brown. When natural stand wild rice is properly prepared it has a deliciously rich, nutty flavor and delightful texture. Northern lakes Wild Rice® cooks up usually in 25 - 30 minutes. This actually makes meal prep time easy. 

Un-cook Natural Stand
Wild Rice
Un-cooked Commercial 
Wild Rice