Our Rice is Canoe-Harvested It is harvested by hand in the traditional way by two persons in a canoe. One person uses a long pole to push the canoe slowly through the rice beds. The other person, seated in front of the poler, uses a pair of smoothly-carved knocking sticks to pull the rice stalks toward the canoe and gently knock loose the ripened grains of rice fall into the canoe. This technique ensures that only ripe grains fall into the canoe while unripe grains can continue to ripen for later harvest. Some grains, knocked loose by the wind, settle into the bed of the lake as seeds for the next year plants.

Processed for Optimum Quality The high quality of Northern Lake Wild Rice® is the result of both the natural quality of the natural rice and the method used to process it. Soon after the green rice is harvested it is parched (roasted) to remove moisture. Northern Lake Premium Hand-Parched Wild Rice is processed in the traditional way, by hand, and using steel drums with built in paddles to gently stir the green rice over a wood fire. These methods reduce the cooking time for finished rice and preserve the distinctively robust natural flavor that sets it apart from the inferior paddy-grown, and machine-harvested products that dominate supermarket shelves. After the rice is parched, it is thrashed and winnowed to remove the dry outer hull.

Wild Rice Seed Head
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Finished Rice
Welcome to Northern Lakes Wild Rice.
We are traditional wild rice gathers. We gather from natural stand wild rice found in northern Minnesota pristine lakes. These lakes with cool waters and rich lake bottom soil makes for an ideal growing habitat for the wild rice.
A Wild Rice Parcher
Ricers First Day of Harvest
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